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top dog (top dogs plural ) If a person or organization is top dog, they are the most successful or powerful one in a particular group. INFORMAL n-count Reynolds has never concealed his ambition to be the top dog.

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Topdog Sports - Dynamic Computer Tennis Rating Program. This product has been incorporated into all of our programs. It's no longer a stand alone program. The Dynamic Computer Tennis Rating (DCTR) program is a program developed in conjunction with the USTA NorCal. The DCTR program rates players based on the score of every match entered into the.

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Topdog vs. underdog is a phrase coined by Fritz Perls, the father of Gestalt therapy, to describe a self-torture game that people play with themselves in order to avoid the anxiety that they encounter in their environment.. Description. The topdog describes the part of an individual which makes demands based on the idea that the individual should adhere to certain societal norms.

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Top dog - meaning. A stud male who uses his charm and good looks to dominate women. He usually has a harem of women.

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The topdog describes the part of an individual which makes demands based on the idea that the individual should adhere to certain societal norms and standards. These demands are often characterized by "shoulds" and "oughts".

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Topdog/Underdog is a play centered on brotherhood, card games, and disaster. The two brothers, Lincoln and Booth, are complicated guys with different agenda’s. Lincoln impersonates the late president Abraham Lincoln for a living. At one time, Lincoln was the best who ever played 3 Card Monte, but after his friend died because of the hustle.

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Qwill is the top dog of the group. When he enters the room, all the women flock around him to be subdued. See stud, studly, womanizer, pimp, playa. 4. to be the freaking best. numero uno. the head freakin' cheese. "on dog eat dog, the last person stadning becomes the top dog." 5. the person in charge. The top dog is holding another meeting.

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Meaning of top dog in English. (Definition of top dog from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press).

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Video shows what top dog means. the boss, the leader (of the pack). in a competition, the one expected to win. top dog synonyms: big cheese, big enchilada, b.

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The term top dog seems to have evolved from the literal meaning of the phrase, describing the dog who is dominant in a pack or victorious in a dogfight.

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Meaning of top dog. There is relatively little information about top dog, maybe you can watch a bilingual story to relax your mood, I wish you a happy day!.

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Define top dog. top dog synonyms, top dog pronunciation, top dog translation, English dictionary definition of top dog. n. Slang One considered to have the dominant position or highest authority, especially as a result of a competitive victory. top′-dog′ adj. American.

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Top dog definition: If a person or organization is top dog , they are the most successful or powerful one in... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

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top dog slang means: A good friend, compadre; "What's up, top dog?", "You're my top dog.". Meaning of the slang word or phrase top dog.. Top-dog as a noun means One considered to have the dominant position or highest authority, especially as a result of a competitive victory.. Dictionary Thesaurus.

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Topdog/Underdog tells the story of two brothers, Lincoln and Booth, who, abandoned by first one parent and then the other, have had to depend upon each other for survival since they were teenagers. Now in their thirties, the brothers struggle to make a.

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